Scandi Style Interior Design Mood Board- Dining room

Scandi Style Interior Design Mood Board- Dining room

Dining Room design.

Interior designers are being asked to design so many Scandi style rooms especially dining room design.

Do you want to create yourself a Scandi style dining room? Alot of us just love Scandi style decor! How many of us are found wandering around Ikea?? the big blue and yellow building empty handed only to come out with that famous blue bag?? We all try to resist being an Ikea lover but it can be so hard to resist when they supply the world with some of the most popular and affordable home accessories, whether it be a can opener or a kitchen!

So many interior designers have incorporated a Scandi item. So maybe a rattan light shade or  white walls with natural textures? It is such a clean crisp yet homely style. It can be accessorized in many different ways that can always be changed later on without having to change too much else. Some designers may design a very tradional room but include a Scandi item in there somewhere.  So perhaps a Hans Wishbone chair with an antique dining table? Try

This mood board is more of a modern Scandi design. Imagine it with crisp lines and matt white walls. Mixed with the calming natural textures of jute rugs and green plants. To add some modern touches, add the gold pendant light shade and more recent fashionable concrete flooring. Then add some more modernist dining seating- the Hans Wishbone chair sat against a mango or perhaps oak dining table? I personally love to design homes in this style as it is so refreshing and yet calming creating a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere.